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Welcome to CIA Hypnosis
  • Do you want to LOSE WEIGHT or QUIT SMOKING?
  • Do you suffer from TEST ANXIETY; PANIC ATTACKS, or have POOR HABITS that seem to control you?
  • Want a CHANGE need a CHANGE, but NEED some HELP?
  • Has the doctor told you that it is crucial to your health to exercise, change your DIET and or LOWER your blood pressure?
  • Would you like to improve physical and mental endurance and performance?
  • Would you like to SLEEP BETTER, get STRESS UNDER CONTROL?
  • GET A NEW PERSPECTIVE on financial matters or life in general?
  • DO you suffer from FEARS or PHOBIAS? Do you want to make POSITIVE behavioral CHANGES?
  • Are you WILLING to make these CHANGES, have you FINALLY said ENOUGH?
  • IF you are ready then HYPNOSIS can be the HELP YOUR LOOKING FOR!!
Hypnosis is a state in which the conscious mind is distracted or preoccupied, allowing a POSITIVE statement or suggestion to bypass your crippling belief(s), or critical factor and enter powerfully into the subconscious mind. Hypnosis has been used for many years as a complement to traditional medical care and is rapidly becoming the most sought after modality of therapy today; even the U.S. Olympic Bicycling Team has had a Team Hypnotist work with each member on focus and performance issues.

During the hypnotic trance a change occurs in the clients thought process; a change which is both powerful and effective.

Hypnosis is a mutual consent state that is very safe and extremely effective to those who REALLY DESIRE CHANGE!

Come and see Edward (Ed) Rupert, for any Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy in Colorado or Wyoming.

Ed Rupert offers a variety of Self Help hypnosis products that are available